Due to the positive feedbacks from most of you dear readers, I have decided to continue with this section on a regular basis in addittion to my GOLD Commentary “Second Opinion”. I thank you for your feedback and support since this is the only way I can develop myself and decide what my commentaries entail. Also, let me kindly remind you again that I welcome all your suggestions since I manage to get a valuable opportunity for communicating with you better as well especially in terms of your expectations. I may not be able to satisfy all your needs thru my bi-weekly commentary publishings but I promise to try harder to please as many of you as possible albeit without changing the format of my main commentary about GOLD as much.

For those of you dear readers who have busy schedules and not much free time on your hands, perhaps you may only just bear to read my main GOLD commentary “Second Opinion” due its extensive length since I try to cover several issues concerning the developments in overall economy and GOLD. I have decided to add an additional file to cover several stories that may simply interest you to read other than my regular commentary about GOLD. The idea here is for you to pick one or more stories or whichever may fancy your liking to read about it in addition to reading my main commentary and of course it is not compulsory so basically you will not miss any insight in terms of the developments regarding GOLD but these stories may entertain you even if not relative to your daily lives nevertheless they may be useful for information purposes alone. In this section, I will try not to make to much of a personal commentary and limit myself to a few words. They are relatively short but to the point so if I may do so, I suggest you to read one before going to bed as a “Bedtime Story”.

Hope you all enjoy this edition!

Serdar Sulthan

a.k.a. Aurum Rookie

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